Super Mario Bros. (NES) Review

July 17, 2009


Who doesn’t know who Mario is? Mario is like the icon of video games. The first Super Mario game was Super Mario Bros. What hasn’t been said that I need to say? Well, nothing so I’m just going to talk about the game. In the main menu there’s the 1-Player-mode and 2-Player-mode.There are 8 worlds in all with 4 levels each being the last level in the castle where there’s a boss. That boss is called Bowser. When you beat Bowser for the first time you would think that you have beaten the game and rescued the princess, but no, Toad just says to you “Thanks for saving me but Princess Peach is in another castle. When you get to the final level and beat it, there’s the princess, and she says thanks, thanks… but then she askes you to go on another adventure ( which I think is the same but harder). In this game you jump on goombas and koopas, collect coins, get mushrooms to grow size and go through pipes (Mario’s a plumber). The music in this game is an instant classic that is still heard now by a lot of people. In the 2-Player-mode, you and a friend play this game by turns. When one dies (Mario) the other comes in and that other player is Mario’s brother, Luigi. He jumps higher and is faster. He’s also taller and thinner than Mario.

Graphics: 8/10: Simple and normal for its time.

Sounds: 10/10: Classic tunes that still are heard by most gamers.

Gameplay: 10/10: Works well and is addictive.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10: With 32 somewhat hard levels that can still be skipped by warp zones hidden in the game this is a fun experience.

Overall Score: 38/40: This is a must-have on the virtual console and if you have an NES you also must have this, and it’s just 500 points!


Adventure Island: The Beginning Review

July 15, 2009


Adventure Island: The Beginning is a remake from the Adventure Island games in the past with several twists. In this game you play as a character called Master Higgins. There are 16 really hard levels. Four worlds with four levels each. There’s the Forest, the Mountain, the Beach and the Castle. At the forth level of each world, there’s a boss battle. There are 3 weapons in this game and you get them in an egg in the levels. There’s also a fairy which gives you invincibility, a skateboard and the only bad thing stored in an egg is a bad fruit which takes your health down much faster. There are four mini-games in this game, but I’m only going to talk about my two favourites because I don’t want to spoil anything to you guys. The first mini-game is a skateboarding race against time. The other is a game which the objective is to get the most taps in the A button in ten seconds. All these games can be played in multiplayer. In the story mode there is another mode which I’m not going to talk about right now because I don’t want to spoil anything. There are also online rankings for the mini-games and the levels high scores. In the story mode when you go to your mode you can buy stuff for your character like having him double jump or upgrades for his weapons. To buy these you’ll need a certain amount of melons found in the levels. Then there are also new costumes for Master Higgins which you can get when you achieve something like getting every single melon in the game.

Graphics: 7.5/10: Nothing much for a 2D side scrolling game.

Sounds: 7/10: Can get repetitive later in the game.

Gameplay: 7.5/10: Controls are stiffy but it’s really fun to play this game.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10: With the mini-games unlockables, upgrades 16 levels in the first mode and ? levels in the second, you can play this for weeks.

Overall Score: 30/40: In America this game costs 800 points and in Europe 1000, so either way if you like platformers, it’s worth it.

Swords and Soldiers Review

July 14, 2009


Swords and Soldiers is a real time strategy game for the WiiWare service where you’ll choose to play as Vikings, Aztecs or Chinese. Each army has different soldiers and weapons, for instance, the Vikings have Bersekers, the Aztecs have Jaguars and the Chinese have Rocket Shooting Guys.

When you start up the game, you’re asked to create a save file with your name and you can also choose the color of a shield. In the main menu you have the Single Player, the Multiplayer, Options and Credits. In the Single Player mode you have Campaign, Skirmish, Challenges and Achievements. The Campaign Mode is the story mode that has three paths, starting with the Vikings then the Aztecs and finally the Chinese. Each path has 10 levels. The skirmish mode is essentially the mode where you’ll head to play against a computer player. Then you can choose the size of the level. Challenges are really cool and addictive. I’m just gonna tell you about one because I don’t want to spoil the other two. Berseker Run has you playing has a Viking guy which is the Berseker and the goal here is to survive. Last but not least there’s the Achievements which you unlock in the Campaign. When you get all Achievements you’ll get a code that you should send to Ronimo games so that you can receive a special pack with tons of stuff from this game.

The Multiplayer is just like Skirmish in the Single Player but instead of playing against a computer player, you play against a friend.

In the Options you’ll find the Language, the Sound and the Difficulty settings.

Swords and Soldiers is a creative concept where you need to conquer the other player’s base by building towers, building an army and also build your gold finders that can get you gold. Mana is a magic that will enable you to use special attacks like thunder bolts etc.

Graphics: 10/10: I simply love these 2D graphics.

Sounds: 9/10: Awesome and inspiring battle tunes.

Gameplay:10/10: RTS have always had great gameplay and this game is no different as it can get very addictive.

Replay Value: 9/10: The campaign mode has 30 hard levels, the achievements are really hard to unlock and the challenges can get very addictive for you to beat your high score.

Overall Score:38/40: One of the best Wiiware games out there at the moment and for 1000 points you should definetely buy this game.

Super Smash Bros.(N64) Review

July 14, 2009


Super Smash Bros. on the N64 was the first Smash in the series. The idea came from the genious minds in Nintendo of course. This is a fighting game where you play as 12 Nintendo characters (4 are unlockable) in 9 stages ( 1 is unlockable).

At the main menu you’ll find the 1P Mode, VS Mode, Option and Data. In the 1P mode you had the 1P Game which is basically the story mode in this game that has your character duke it out in several levels with almost every character in the game, having in the end, as the boss, the Master Hand. You can choose how many lifes you have and the difficulty being from Very Easy to Very Hard. The Training Mode has you training in a battle against another character you pick, and here you can choose the speed of the battle, the items and more which is really cool. Then there’s the Bonus Practices which are Break the targets that has you breaking several targets spread out in the game and then there’s Board the Platforms that the goal here is you landing on top of several platforms that are also spread out in the level. Each character has its own level.

VS Mode is Basically the Multiplayer where you play against other computer players or friends, and you can choose the type of match, Free-for-all or Team battle and Time match or Stock match.

Options is where you’ll head if you want to change the Language the Sound etc.

Data is where you’ll find the VS Records and the characters you’ve unlocked’s information and while you’re reding their info, it also shows them using their moves.

The characters in this game are 12 in all with 4 unlockables an the first 8 characters are Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu. I’m not gonna spoil the unlockable characters for certain reasons.

Graphics: 8/10: Classic N64 graphics.

Gameplay: 9/10: Works great and gets addictive.

Sounds: 9/10: Not as good as its later games but still good.

Replay Value: 9/10: You can find yourself playing this game for months because it gets really addictive.

Overall Score: 35/40: Another must have on the Wii’s Virtual Console for 1000 points.

Paper Mario (N64) Review

July 13, 2009

Paper Mario Box Art

Paper Mario on the N64 was the first Paper Mario in the popular series. This was supposed to be a follow-up to the very popular Super Mario RPG on the SNES. This game is an RPG which has you play as Mario in a Paper format , like a 2-D Mario but when you walk it’s a normal 3-D game.

In this game, the story is this: Princess Peach is having a party in her castle with the finest persons in the Town, including Mario and Luigi. When Mario and Luigi arrive in the castle, Mario has to go visit Peach in her room. When he gets there Peach talks about how ancious she was for this party and then an “earthquake” starts. When the supposed earthquake stopped Peach notices that it’s night, but Bowser breaks through the window to challenge Mario and to kidnap Princess Peach and to do that, he kidnapped her castle, so his castle is at the bottom of her castle. When the fight starts you’ll see that Mario only has a jump attack so Mario uses that and Bowser attacks with a slap in Mario’s face. It’s impossible to beat Bowser here only hacking would do it but then the game would freeze.At a certain point in the battle Bowser will use the Star Rod, it’s a rod he stole from the stars that can grant him any wish he wants. So now he’s invincible the rest of the battle and he’s much more powerful. When he defeats Mario, Mario is shot out of the castle and lands on a forest. So basically the story is that Bowser kidnapped all the seven Star Spirits from the Star Heaven and it’s Mario’s job to rescue them and the Princess.

Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG have a lot of differences between them and the most important is that in Super Mario RPG you only had one partner besides Peach and Bowser (I’m not very sure if Peach and Bowser are your partners) but in Paper Mario you had about 10 partners I think.

Graphics: 9/10: There’s not too much 3-D in this game but for its time these are really nice graphics.

Gameplay:10/10: RPG’s are always known by their creative gameplay and this game did several twists to it.

Sounds: 10/10: Classic Mario tunes remade for the N64

Lasting Appeal: 9/10: It can take about 20 hours to clear this game and there’s still a lot of stuff to do after that.

Overall Score: 38/40: If you have a Wii then this game is a must have on the Virtual Console for 1000 points.

Water Warfare Review

July 12, 2009


Water Warfare is a great game. First of all, when you start up the game, you get to create your own character, sort of like japanese characters. They don’t give you as much options to edit your character but it’s always a plus in this game. In the main menu you have Single Player, Multiplayer and Nintendo Wi-fi Connection Battle. Let’s start with Single player. In this mode is where you’ll head for starters. You have the Mission Mode which has about 40 missions. 6 of them are in a Training Room. The others are in the other stages. Then there’s the Match Mode which has the Battle Royal which has you square off against a certain amount of CPU players you choose and each player has two respawns. Then there’s the Death Match which is basically the first player to get the first ten “soaks” wins. There’s also the Capture the Treasure Chest which has your team to get the other team’s chest taken back to your base. The Assault has you basically capture the flag. Then there’s the Base which you need to catch flags and gain 100 points with it. Last but not least there’s the Point Rally which has you run through checkpoints.

The Two player mode has you playing against another player in your room, like a friend or something, playing the same modes as in the single player.

The most surprising and the coolest part in this game is the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Mode which has you playing online against friends or random people. There are also Worldwide and National Rankings. There is no lag in this game.

There are about 12 weapons in this game, 8 levels, 4 small and 4 large. This game is a First person shooter type of game with water guns and It’s only 800 Wii Points.

Graphics: 7/10: Nothing very special but it gets the job done.

Gameplay: 10/10: The controls simply work well.

Sounds: 7.5/10: Again, it gets the job done.

Replay Value: 9.5/10: This game can get addictive as hell, and with the NWC Mode it lasts for some months.

Overall: 34/40:For 800 points, this game is a steal(sarcastic).