Super Mario Bros. (NES) Review


Who doesn’t know who Mario is? Mario is like the icon of video games. The first Super Mario game was Super Mario Bros. What hasn’t been said that I need to say? Well, nothing so I’m just going to talk about the game. In the main menu there’s the 1-Player-mode and 2-Player-mode.There are 8 worlds in all with 4 levels each being the last level in the castle where there’s a boss. That boss is called Bowser. When you beat Bowser for the first time you would think that you have beaten the game and rescued the princess, but no, Toad just says to you “Thanks for saving me but Princess Peach is in another castle. When you get to the final level and beat it, there’s the princess, and she says thanks, thanks… but then she askes you to go on another adventure ( which I think is the same but harder). In this game you jump on goombas and koopas, collect coins, get mushrooms to grow size and go through pipes (Mario’s a plumber). The music in this game is an instant classic that is still heard now by a lot of people. In the 2-Player-mode, you and a friend play this game by turns. When one dies (Mario) the other comes in and that other player is Mario’s brother, Luigi. He jumps higher and is faster. He’s also taller and thinner than Mario.

Graphics: 8/10: Simple and normal for its time.

Sounds: 10/10: Classic tunes that still are heard by most gamers.

Gameplay: 10/10: Works well and is addictive.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10: With 32 somewhat hard levels that can still be skipped by warp zones hidden in the game this is a fun experience.

Overall Score: 38/40: This is a must-have on the virtual console and if you have an NES you also must have this, and it’s just 500 points!


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