Swords and Soldiers Review


Swords and Soldiers is a real time strategy game for the WiiWare service where you’ll choose to play as Vikings, Aztecs or Chinese. Each army has different soldiers and weapons, for instance, the Vikings have Bersekers, the Aztecs have Jaguars and the Chinese have Rocket Shooting Guys.

When you start up the game, you’re asked to create a save file with your name and you can also choose the color of a shield. In the main menu you have the Single Player, the Multiplayer, Options and Credits. In the Single Player mode you have Campaign, Skirmish, Challenges and Achievements. The Campaign Mode is the story mode that has three paths, starting with the Vikings then the Aztecs and finally the Chinese. Each path has 10 levels. The skirmish mode is essentially the mode where you’ll head to play against a computer player. Then you can choose the size of the level. Challenges are really cool and addictive. I’m just gonna tell you about one because I don’t want to spoil the other two. Berseker Run has you playing has a Viking guy which is the Berseker and the goal here is to survive. Last but not least there’s the Achievements which you unlock in the Campaign. When you get all Achievements you’ll get a code that you should send to Ronimo games so that you can receive a special pack with tons of stuff from this game.

The Multiplayer is just like Skirmish in the Single Player but instead of playing against a computer player, you play against a friend.

In the Options you’ll find the Language, the Sound and the Difficulty settings.

Swords and Soldiers is a creative concept where you need to conquer the other player’s base by building towers, building an army and also build your gold finders that can get you gold. Mana is a magic that will enable you to use special attacks like thunder bolts etc.

Graphics: 10/10: I simply love these 2D graphics.

Sounds: 9/10: Awesome and inspiring battle tunes.

Gameplay:10/10: RTS have always had great gameplay and this game is no different as it can get very addictive.

Replay Value: 9/10: The campaign mode has 30 hard levels, the achievements are really hard to unlock and the challenges can get very addictive for you to beat your high score.

Overall Score:38/40: One of the best Wiiware games out there at the moment and for 1000 points you should definetely buy this game.


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