Super Smash Bros.(N64) Review


Super Smash Bros. on the N64 was the first Smash in the series. The idea came from the genious minds in Nintendo of course. This is a fighting game where you play as 12 Nintendo characters (4 are unlockable) in 9 stages ( 1 is unlockable).

At the main menu you’ll find the 1P Mode, VS Mode, Option and Data. In the 1P mode you had the 1P Game which is basically the story mode in this game that has your character duke it out in several levels with almost every character in the game, having in the end, as the boss, the Master Hand. You can choose how many lifes you have and the difficulty being from Very Easy to Very Hard. The Training Mode has you training in a battle against another character you pick, and here you can choose the speed of the battle, the items and more which is really cool. Then there’s the Bonus Practices which are Break the targets that has you breaking several targets spread out in the game and then there’s Board the Platforms that the goal here is you landing on top of several platforms that are also spread out in the level. Each character has its own level.

VS Mode is Basically the Multiplayer where you play against other computer players or friends, and you can choose the type of match, Free-for-all or Team battle and Time match or Stock match.

Options is where you’ll head if you want to change the Language the Sound etc.

Data is where you’ll find the VS Records and the characters you’ve unlocked’s information and while you’re reding their info, it also shows them using their moves.

The characters in this game are 12 in all with 4 unlockables an the first 8 characters are Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu. I’m not gonna spoil the unlockable characters for certain reasons.

Graphics: 8/10: Classic N64 graphics.

Gameplay: 9/10: Works great and gets addictive.

Sounds: 9/10: Not as good as its later games but still good.

Replay Value: 9/10: You can find yourself playing this game for months because it gets really addictive.

Overall Score: 35/40: Another must have on the Wii’s Virtual Console for 1000 points.


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