Paper Mario (N64) Review

Paper Mario Box Art

Paper Mario on the N64 was the first Paper Mario in the popular series. This was supposed to be a follow-up to the very popular Super Mario RPG on the SNES. This game is an RPG which has you play as Mario in a Paper format , like a 2-D Mario but when you walk it’s a normal 3-D game.

In this game, the story is this: Princess Peach is having a party in her castle with the finest persons in the Town, including Mario and Luigi. When Mario and Luigi arrive in the castle, Mario has to go visit Peach in her room. When he gets there Peach talks about how ancious she was for this party and then an “earthquake” starts. When the supposed earthquake stopped Peach notices that it’s night, but Bowser breaks through the window to challenge Mario and to kidnap Princess Peach and to do that, he kidnapped her castle, so his castle is at the bottom of her castle. When the fight starts you’ll see that Mario only has a jump attack so Mario uses that and Bowser attacks with a slap in Mario’s face. It’s impossible to beat Bowser here only hacking would do it but then the game would freeze.At a certain point in the battle Bowser will use the Star Rod, it’s a rod he stole from the stars that can grant him any wish he wants. So now he’s invincible the rest of the battle and he’s much more powerful. When he defeats Mario, Mario is shot out of the castle and lands on a forest. So basically the story is that Bowser kidnapped all the seven Star Spirits from the Star Heaven and it’s Mario’s job to rescue them and the Princess.

Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG have a lot of differences between them and the most important is that in Super Mario RPG you only had one partner besides Peach and Bowser (I’m not very sure if Peach and Bowser are your partners) but in Paper Mario you had about 10 partners I think.

Graphics: 9/10: There’s not too much 3-D in this game but for its time these are really nice graphics.

Gameplay:10/10: RPG’s are always known by their creative gameplay and this game did several twists to it.

Sounds: 10/10: Classic Mario tunes remade for the N64

Lasting Appeal: 9/10: It can take about 20 hours to clear this game and there’s still a lot of stuff to do after that.

Overall Score: 38/40: If you have a Wii then this game is a must have on the Virtual Console for 1000 points.


5 Responses to Paper Mario (N64) Review

  1. supersonic1990 says:

    Great review! I hope to hear more your reviews in the future!

  2. Mama Luigi says:

    Great review, but there’s one i thing i would like you to do before you review your games.
    Play them a little before you make your review!
    “but in Paper Mario you had about 10-15 partners I think.” Thats why i said that you should play them a little before you review your games.
    There is not even 10 characters in this game, there is only 8.
    It’s not a big mistake but i just wanted to point that out. Otherwise i look forward to your reviews! 😉

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